captured the attention of the world

Building an entire house out of glass has fascinated and intrigued designers and architects for decades, but it was only in 1949 that this idea captured the attention of the world. Philip Johnson was the architect of this modernist glass construction on his own property in New Canaan Connecticut. The immaculate design was made entirely of glass in a geometric and proportional structure, complete with flat glass roof. The brick platform supported the eight steel pillars that held the glass intact. The only other material used within the house was a brick cylinder in the centre used to hide the bathroom from exterior eyes. This pillar of modern design was applauded the world over and introduced people to a myriad of new possibilities in design and building materials. The effects of Johnsons design were felt in architectural works for years to come and after his death in 2005; the house was finally opened to the public. Thanks to manuals and instructional materials designed to guide even the least apt of individuals in this task, many have managed to accomplish the deed despite misgivings in the first place. By following some basic rules such as obtaining accurate measurements for the area of interest, the designated doer of the deed should be able to get the job done without developing an aneurysm. In the event the replacement glass for windows needing attention are misbehaving in any sort of manner, a quick call to the friendly handyman servicing the neighborhoods needs should hopefully get one out of the mess in no time.